San Diego, California September 13-18, 2015

Software Testing and QA in a Mobile Dominated World

Philip Lew, CEO, XBOSoft.

From floppy discs to the Pentium, we have witnessed lightening fast advances in software development in just a fraction of our lives. Today, mobile has taken center stage as a hub in our lives. How many of you leave your home without your smartphone? Sensors via our wearable devices and the Internet of Things are producing data faster than ever before, hence, it has become BIG. Because network speeds have increased (never enough), we can now access all this data, as it is instantaneously stored in the cloud. It's not only stored, but is now being leveraged by many connecting different data sets in deeper, broader and more meaningful ways to not only analyze but predict what we want and will do next. Our world, our friends, our cars, our home, and ourselves have become increasingly connected as we promote and permit either knowingly or not, via social networking. All of this has become possible because of the smartphone.

When this year's mobile devices become obsolete in less than a year, and OS's continually add new functions and features with each release, it becomes even more critical to understand not only current trends but also what will be coming tomorrow. But what does this mean for us as software testers? How will we design and choose our test cases amongst a billion contextual scenarios? What issues will we have to be aware of as mobile applications pervade every industry? What new technologies and interfaces will we have to learn a mobile connects to everything around us? In this talk, Phil examines the current and emerging issues in a mobile dominated world and how we as software quality engineers need to adapt in order to stay in front of the pack.


Philip Lew Philip Lew, CEO, directs the strategic operations and business development of XBOSoft. Philip brings over 25 years of extensive and broad-ranged technical expertise and industry leadership to support the company's vision and mission to provide reliable and timely service to its clients. Philip earned both his bachelor and master degrees in Operations Research and Engineering from Cornell University and holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from Beihang University. Problem solving and providing timely solutions to clients has been part of Philip's professional experience since the beginning. Philip started his career with Ernst and Young Consulting, and went on to lead the Systems Integrations Services Group at EIS and several other technology companies. He's held executive roles and responsibilities in the US, Europe and Asia. Philip is a certified PMP and multi-lingual, fluent in English and Mandarin. He regularly writes and speaks on professional and technical topics and serves as an Adjunct Professor at Alaska Pacific University. Philip has presented at leading worldwide conferences such as SoftTec, STPCon, PNSQC, Better Software East/West and StarEast/West. His papers have been published in Project Management Technology, Network World, Telecommunications Magazine, Call Center Magazine, TeleProfessional, DataPro Research Reports as well as numerous academic journals. Philip enjoys the power of ever-advancing technology and is constantly exploring how the latest technologies and products can improve our lives. Even so, Philip is still awed by the wonder of nature and is an avid outdoor sportsman. He especially loves cycling, and is passionate about traveling and exploration. Thus far, Philip has travelled to more than 60 countries.

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